1) One day I was cooking and I took a pan out of the oven. Then  the bottom of my hand touched the hot glass door and it burned me badly. So I tried Derma-Sheild & Healing on it. Then the pain went away in about five  seconds.  But it came back in about ten minutes.  But not nearly as bad.  So I sprayed it again and the pain went away for good and that water blister that usually arise  later when you get burned badly; never came.       (David  L.))

(2)  I was using a glue gun and I burned myself so badly that a blister rose immediately and I was in great pain. So I tried Derma-Shield & Healing on it.  The pain went away in seconds and the blister went away the next day  and it was as if it never happened!  This stuff truly works!      (Maria A,)

(3) I was suffering from severe back pain; and I remembered that I had Derma-Shield & Healing for moments like these. So I tried it on my back pain and the pain went away almost instantly.   (Greg N.)

(4)  I was having very bad neck pain and I could not sleep. So I tried Derma-Shield & Healing on my neck pain and the pain vanished in seconds and I was able to get a good night sleep.   (Sheron H)

(5)  I suffer from really bad carpal tunnel. And it was so bad one day that I began to look for a remedy. So someone told me about Derma-Shield & Healing. So I decided to try it on my carpal tunnel.  The first application greatly reduced the pain; but the second application removed the pain completely.    (Deja  S)

(6) I suffered from a severely stiff knee. One day someone told me about Derma-Shield & Healing. So I thought that I would try it on my stiff knee.  This stuff freed up my knee and took away the pain completely.  Now I am playing basketball again!   (Gary H.)

(7)  I suffer from migraines. I usually reach for my asprin when a migraine comes on. But I decided to try this new product that I had been told about. I rubbed Derma-Shield & Healing on my forehead and the sides of my head and within three minutes my migraine headache was gone. I was shocked!    (Alicia  H)

(8)  I work twelve hours a day. Well, eventually, the hard work and long hours took it's toll on my lower back. So a friend  told me about Derma-Shield & Healing. So when I took a break; I sprayed the product on my lower back. This product took my lower back pain away in minutes and the pain did not return despite the continuous twelve hour days for about three days!   (Juan R)

(9)  I work for a paper mill .  People who work for paper mills get burned, paper cuts and suffer from carpal tunnel all the time.  So one day a friend told me about Derma-Shield & Healing.  So I had a bottle sent  to one of my employees who suffers from severe carpal tunnel.  I thought to myself;  if this stuff helps my friend, then it is a really great product. So the day my employee received the product; he called me right away; all excited and said this stuff is great. It took away my carpal tunnel pains in my wrist completely.  (Shaun C)

(10) My boss suffers from severe back pain. He oftentimes would use the patch or some ointment when the pain got really bad. So one day I heard about this spray product called Derma-Shield & Healing. I took a bottle to my boss to try. When he did; the results were amazing. This product passed the effectiveness test with flying colors!  (Chris  T)