Campers, Hikers and Picnics; finally a mosquito and insect repellent that you can use with confidence. Mosquito -Kryptonyte is also longlasting and enduring. No longer will mosquitoes and ants have you and your kids for dinner!


Sheri R:  "I was constantly being aggravated by bed bugs crawling all over me at night. And I just happen to have a bottle of Mosquito Kryptonyte.  I knew it worked well against mosquitoes. So I thought that I would try it on my bed. When I did; I was amazed because every bed bug and insect in my room grabbed their suitcase and left town ; and they did not return. I got a good night sleep and I have never faced a bed bug issue since then!

Leroy H: I must confess. I am bad about leaving leftover food near my bed. So one day I left some cake crumbs on a plate near my bed. Overnight hundreds of ants came through my window and formed a line straight to the cake on the plate. Well, I swept them up; but they kept coming; hundreds more. So I sprayed Mosquito Kryptonyte along their trail and in the window seal.  Well,  lo and behold; all of the ants left.  And even though I continued to leave the remains of many sweet things near my bed; the ants NEVER returned; now going on six months!

Darrel K:  When I  closed on a house one day, I went to my new house to clean the yard. I had hedges around most of my house; which was ok.  But when I went to trim my hedges,  I discovered that my hedges  were filled with thousands of mosquitoes. And they begin to eat me alive.

I also had a painter on the property too, who was painting the outside of my house. Interestingly, he was not being harrassed at all by the mosquitoes. Eventually he shared  his secret with me.  His secret was Mosquito Kryptonyte!

When I tried the product I was able to remove all of the hedges in my yard without being harrassed at all by mosquitoes;  even though there were millions of mosquitoes in the hedges that I removed from my yard. 

Mosquito Kryptonyte is amazing!

Over 500 pumps per bottle!  

Industrial size available.

Mosquito Kryptonite has a powerful skin healing property which is good for after the fact incidents; and will also prevent the painful aggravation of bites and stings from escalating any further.

(NEWS FLASH):  Mosquitoes can carry many deadly diseases that will not affect them but can harm and even kill you! 

Approximately 700 million people (each year) suffer from a mosquito borne illnesses; resulting in over one million deaths each year!

MOSQUITO KRYPTONYTE is 100% organic and totally safe to use by the vast majority!

For the less than one percent of the population that may be alergic; please spray a small amount on the fold spot on your arm to test if you are alergic.

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Mosquito Kryptonyte also possesses disinfectant properties against Germs, Toxins and Bacteria!

Our unique mosquito repellent can also be used as an insecticide. 

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